Watercolour practice

8th August 2014 22:44
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Send in really specific art prompts and I’ll do them tomorrow!

Send in really specific art prompts and I’ll do them tomorrow!

23rd July 2014 1:18
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Commission for kathleenswardrobe on Instagram

WIP of some OC’s 

2nd July 2014 23:58
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Please click for better view.

Any style above for $10.  Simple backgrounds optional, otherwise it can be done in any pattern, transparent or just white. Paid through paypal, send an ask and then we can discuss through email. 

First pic is simple shading+flats, second is simple shading, and third is darker shading. (sorry for the bad working ahah).  Just state which style you prefer if you wish to commission me. Willing to do full bodies, waist up or knee up.

Third drawing is lichliebe’s OC.

24th June 2014 21:30
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i got bored and made my bb blinking 

23rd June 2014 16:29
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Deer boy

who are all your townspeople?

i made J today because I wanted a creepy dude. So Mayor Miwa, J, Tsuta, and Fae are all the peeps in Hoshino. 

Miwa is of course, the mayor, Tsuta works in the cafe, Fae is a gardener and J is in charge of dealing with disturbances. 

5th April 2014 13:24
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What's the story behind your mayor? It seems so sad ;u;

The mayor is just a lonely person who doesn’t get too close to anyone. I dunno like my story is she (unlike the other two townspeople who come in later) remembers where she came from and though she is happier in Hoshino (town) she misses having people like her around.
Rolf is her cranky bff who invites her over for tea a lot because he’s like the old timer of the town who makes sure everyone’s doing well

5th April 2014 2:17
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quick 10 min comic about mayor miwa and fav villager rolf 

i dunno i was bored


this is supposed to be akashi from KNB

this is a gift for skye but lets hope she doesn’t see it yet

10th February 2014 1:43
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Yooo puffifishy and splashofsky I tried to draw your boy for a warm up quick sketch. Key words are I tried.

22nd December 2013 17:45
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i dont know what the fuck is going on with my style

art block is a bitch this is a present for Musides~

Big Bang pic for Mika’s amazing fic: http://alighterwithlove.tumblr.com/post/69339241478/fighting-for-air-pg-13-pacific-rim

I really liked how she wrote their relationship and how home was reflected an ahhhhhh just go READ HER FIC IS AMAZING.